Our garden flowers Mary planted for Helen, which her favorite color was purple!


Above is Ashlynn's quilt our 4th cousin's

Mary's design wall (below)




Mary enjoys making the baby quilts and recently made a doll quilt (shown below) for a neighbors daughter Maddy, after Mary gave her a doll Mary's mother made and then I found an unfinished doll high chair which Mary painted and decorated with flowers and bugs for the doll  (Shown below).  Mary has made baby quilts for the previous owners of our home, the salesman who sold us our travel trailer whose wife had a set of twins, the doll quilt below and Ashlynn's quilt (shown above).






And in the meantime or between the quilt making, Mary has been busy organizing her Quilting Euphoria (as I call it) setting up the long arm machine and practicing, staining & painting book cases for her fabric.  She had to unfold and re-iron and fold all her squares and such.  She has spent many hours after work and on her days off getting everything just right and has a ways to go before she can start giving classes for beginners.


The last book case below was hand painted and rubbed out 24 Jul 06.


The following are before and after pictures.  





Below is the peg board above Mary's cutting table, which Mary wrapped with material to hang her templates, rulers and tools. 


The following are before and after pictures.





Below is the desk, chair and shelves Mary stained & finished for Doc's room in the basement


The following are before and after pictures.